Transforming Trauma Into Freedom For Life

Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga

An Evidence Based Trauma Treatment
for Your Body, Mind and Spirit


Trauma Informed programs for agencies, organizations
and corporations for stress reduction and self care

A typical TCTSY session will include tangible tools such as breathing practices, gentle movement, body awareness, and relaxation practices.

Informed by Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Restorative Therapeutics for Pain Management, EmpowerYoga sessions incorporate practices for supporting the regulation of the nervous system. Themes of having a body, befriending the body, and body as a resource are explored through choice making based on sensation felt in the body. Over time, self-regulation and co-regulation naturally occur.

Through a trauma sensitive lens, Lori skillfully weaves in aspects of Yoga Nidra guided meditation with awareness of this being a body based practice.

In all programs, practical tips are shared for applying practices to daily living.

For Practitioners and Staff

While this program meets the needs of individuals, the benefit of a trauma sensitive group practice allows for the individual experience to extend to a collective experience. Providing a safe and trauma informed space for people to take a break from the tender and powerful work they are engaging in, and be in self-care with community. This is a practice of noticing,

Customized Groups

Choose one or a series of sessions to meet the needs of your event or program. Sessions are created specifically to focus on themes such as Embodied Wellness, Stress Reduction, Relaxation, Recovery, or Self-Care. 


Connect with me to book a free consultation regarding your next event or program.

About Trauma Sensitive Yoga [read more...]

Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is an empirically validated, adjunctive clinical treatment for complex trauma or chronic, treatment-resistant PTSD.

Developed at the Trauma Center in Brookline, Massachusetts, TCTSY has foundations in Trauma Theory, Attachment Theory, and Neuroscience as well as Hatha Yoga practice with an emphasis on body-based, modified yoga forms and breathing practices. TCTSY is recognized in the National Registry for Evidence Based Practices and Programs (NREPP) as an evidence-based practice.

At the Trauma Center we believe that in order for self regulation to happen, you must first have awareness and connection to bodily sensations and then take effective action based on what you feel in your body. From there and with practice, self regulation begins to naturally occur. TCTSY intersects the science of the western world with the art of ancient practices.

To book a session, register for a program or to bring a workshop to your workplace, connect with me.

About Yoga Nidra [read more...]

The art of transformational sleep.
This ancient practise of non-doing is based on teachings from the Amrit Yoga Institute

EmpowerYoga offers the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra, a deeply rooted ancient practice referred to as ‘The Art of Non-Doing’ by Kamini Desai, PhD, Education Director at the Amrit Yoga Institute and author of ‘Yoga Nidra, The Art of Transformational Sleep’.

With nearly 200 hours of training and several years of consistently offering yoga nidra to groups, teacher trainings and retreats, I can attest to the benefits that come with yoga nidra. A 45 minute session of yoga nidra is the equivalent of 3 hours of sleep, allowing your body to rebalance and make up for lack of sleep or disrupted sleep-and we know that sleep is a key factor in overall good health, memory, energy, tissue repair, and so much more. Using intention, yoga nidra plants seeds of subtle and profound change while you are resting, reaching a part of your consciousness that is in a sleep like state, but still awake. Shift from thinking and doing, to feeling and being.

In a typical session or class, we may do some seated gentle movement before you make yourself comfortable lying down. From there, I will facilitate the meditation while you rest.

About Restorative Therapeutics [read more...]

Restorative Therapeutics for Pain Management is a passive practice that primarily allows the central nervous system to rest. When the nervous system rests, the potential for healing is awakened.

People live in a stress state of some kind most of the time, it’s part of our fast paced world. Because our systems simply cannot sustain stress indefinitely, people often move from stress directly to collapse with nothing between.

Restorative Therapeutics offers the opportunity for you to experience benefits of deep rest such as lower blood pressure and reduced stress levels; reduction in muscle tension, insomnia and fatigue; improvement in digestion and hormonal balance; and overall improvement of mental, emotional and physical health.

Restorative yoga forms are passive, supported, and you rest in the form for 5-20 minutes or longer.

In our first session we will review your intake form and determine your needs for our working together. You may wish to stay in one form for the duration of our 60 minute session, while other times you might explore and rest in two or three forms. Sessions may include breathing practices, guided meditation, guided body scans, and gentle guided awareness of sensation. As in all EmpowerYoga offerings, I bring a trauma informed approach and you will have choice in everything you do. All sessions are designed to support you in a home practice.

“Helplessness and isolation are the core experiences of psychological trauma. Empowerment and reconnection are the core experiences of recovery.”
Judith Herman